RFID Bidirectional Security Tripod Automatic Turnstiles with Fee Passage (DTT518102)



The DTT- tripod turnstiles efficiently guide high-volume throughput. With the possibility of indoor or outdoor installation, the turnstiles are equipped with an anti-panic system that makes the horizontal arm blocking the passage drop in the case of an emergency evacuation or power cut.
Main Benefits :
. Bi-directional turnstile made especially for quick access control in areas with high traffic but limited space
. An anti-panic system moves the arm from the horizontal to vertical position, thereby completely freeing the lane in the case of an emergency evacuation
. Non-removable stainless steel arms to prevent vandalism
. Durable, corrosion-resistant, heavy-duty mechanism for extended service life
Other advantages :
. Serious Security
. Mechanical locking against infractions for increased security and greater turnstile durability
. Compact turnstile with arms that do not encroach the walkway
. Durable & Reliable
. Covers and outer side panels made from superior-quality stainless steel for exceptional durability
. Sturdy, corrosion-resistant and heavy-duty mechanism for extended service life
. Ergonomics & User Protection
. Adjustable-pressure hydraulic shock absorbers for silent, smooth rotation and a progressive slowing down of the arm rotation
. Orientation pictograms to facilitate throughput
. Easy Installation
. Front and rear sections specially designed to integrate the selected access control system
. Many configurations covering all possible pedestrian access control scenarios
Applications :
As an access-control application, the DTT518102 tripod turnstile is a true "tank" that withstands repeated wear and tear in high-volume pedestrian areas in :
. Schools, universities and colleges
. Office buildings, head offices, administrative sites
. Industrial and manufacturing facilities
. Sports centers, Cultural or entertainment venues
. Ports and harbors

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