Home LPG Flammable Gas Detector




ODQF3600 Home Gas Detector is designed to detect flammable gas. The Micro-controller technology based gas alarm is provided with intelligent analysis and judgement function. It can detect natural gas(LNG), coal gas, LPG and smoke.

1)Sounder and light alarm 
2)Power saving 
3)Micro-controller inspecting technology
4)Built-in relay contact output and manually control


Power Supply: AC220V/50Hz or AC120V/60Hz (ODQF3601) 
Standby Power: 1.5W 
Alarm Density level: Coal gas (H2 dominated) ≥ 1.25% (volume ratio) LPG ≥ 0.4% (volume ratio)
                                Natural Gas ≥ 1% (volume ratio) Smoke ≥ 20% (reduced light level)
Alarm Mode: Sounder Alarm ≥ 80dB Light Alarm: Red indicator
Response Time: ≤ 20 seconds (No alarm within 1 minute after power up) 
Reset Time: ≤ 20 seconds
Capacity of Output Contact Load: AC220V/0.5A DC24V/1A
Using environment: Temperature: 0 oC~+50 oC Related Humidity: ≤97%
Standard: GA-127-1996

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