Wireless U-buckle Door Lock Security with 90db magnetic Alarm Set



Wireless U-buckle Door Lock with 90dB Magnet Alarm

1.U-buckle door lock was made by high class steel material

2.Easy installation and using

3.Magnetic sensor for detecting entry

4.Alarm sound level: 90dB

5.Alarm on/off automatic matching to the U-buckle door locking/unlocking position

6.Working current: < 80mA

7.Alarm time: about 15 seconds

8.Red LED alarm indicator

9.Powered by 3 x LR44 button cells (included)

10.Unit dimension: 100 x 90 x 38mm

11.wireless frequency:315MHz



This wireless U-buckle door lock comes with laud 90dB magnet alarm as an easy solution for home or office security guarding. Its magnet sensor can detect any unwelcome intruder, and it features 90dB loud siren sound to deter thieves and intruders as well as drawing the attention of police or neighbors.
This u-buckle door lock was made by high class steel material in one time casting, so it has much strong resistance to relieve the pushing force,  with combining a magnetic sensor alarm, this 2-in-1 u-buckle door lock detects entry, protecting your home or office when you or your children is staying there alone.
It is powered by 3 x button cells, no wires, so you should never worry about the electric power shut down problem for this simple home and office security alarm system. 
Using this simple u-buckle door lock alarm is very easy, when you get home, switching the u-buckle lock to locking position, then the magnet alarm system is also switched to working condition, when you go out, switching the u-buckle lock to open position, the magnet alarm system is also switched to off condition, just using it as a common u-buckle door lock, so easy.

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